What’s a Good Videography Service in the Flint, MI Area?

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, consider the enormous value of a video!

Hire Bangtown Productions & Recordings for your professional video production. Our Flint, Michigan studio is known throughout the region for our high-end videography and post-production services. We’ll go above and beyond to produce a high-quality video product for you. You can count on our team to film and edit your:

  • Short film
  • Documentary
  • Festival video
  • Concert video
  • Wedding video

We offer custom audio production to the Flint, MI area

Do you need an original song for your commercial?

Would you like help creating and mixing your music?

Bangtown Productions is a full-service audio production company. We’re skilled at writing and recording all types of jingles and songs. Call 810-964-2264 to create something catchy with the help of our talented team.