Where Kids Create the Music

Where Kids Create the Music

Flint, MI's Bangtown Productions offers music production services for kids

At Bangtown Productions & Recordings, we believe children are the future. That's why, through our nonprofit organization Studio On The Go, we're on a mission to empower the next generation of artists and creators. We help kids discover the fun of writing, recording and producing their own music.

Helping children learn and achieve in Flint, MI and beyond

Studio On The Go partners with schools and community centers throughout Flint, Michigan and the surrounding region. We'd love to bring our transformative program to your neighborhood!

Our team of experienced production pros is dedicated to helping kids:

  • Explore their creativity.
  • Write and record their own music.
  • Produce professional-quality albums.
  • Improve their confidence and self-esteem.

Studio On The Go works with children of all ages and backgrounds, including those with special needs. Call 810-964-2264 to learn more about our exciting music lessons for children.